Solved Paper-I On Topic : Solved Paper-I December 2004

Que : 1 . Discussion Method can be used when:

1. The topic is very difficult
2. The topic is easy
3. The topic is difficult
4. All of the above
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 3 is Correct Answer
Exchange of ideas between several people is the best process of learning and teaching from one another.
In the classroom environment, discussion is the best way of promoting conducive learning and convenient teaching situation.
It refers to the method of instruction which give pupils an opportunity to express their views or opinions orally on certain issues.
One person speaks at a time, while others are listen. It doesn′t always involve the presentation of new information and concepts.
It also involves sharing of ideas and experiences, solving problems and promoting tolerance with understanding.
Discussion method is suitable in many situations and can be used in many situations of teaching and learning.
There are different forms of discussion that can be used in the classroom.
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