Solved Paper-I On Topic : Solved Paper-I December 2005

Que : 1 . Team teaching has the potential to develop:

1. Competitive spirit
2. Cooperation
3. The habit of supplementing the teaching of each other
4. Highlighting the gaps in each other´s teaching
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 3 is Correct Answer
Team Teaching
In the broadest sense, team teaching is defined as a group of instructors working together to "plan, conduct, and evaluate the learning activities of the same group of students" , however team teaching can take a variety of different forms. Examples of team teaching situations include:
Interactive team teaching: members of the team teach the same group of students at the same time (CTL).
Rotational format teaching: members alternate teaching the class. This is often done to allow the course material to be divided according to individual instructor specialties and skills.
Participant-observer team teaching: " all participating faculty are present for all the classes, but only one is ′teaching′ at a time. "The other members of the team are "participating observers" and can play the role of "model learner, observer, panel member, or resource" .
Team coordination:
Meeting to share ideas and resources but teaching independently.
Sharing planning for instruction of a common group of students, with each instructor responsible for a portion of those students. Using a curriculum level approach to develop paired or linked courses or integrated clusters of independent courses (CTL).