Solved Paper-I On Topic : Solved Paper-I June 2006

Que : 1 . Which of the following comprise teaching skill?

1. Black Board writing
2. Questioning
3. Explaining
4. All the above
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 4 is Correct Answer
All of the above are the teaching skills without them a teacher is like a without gun in a battalefield. Basic teaching skills Setting the scene – make sure that your students are comfortable and ready to start learning Being student centred – do you know what the students want to learn in each session?
Assessing prior knowledge – check what the students know already
Asking questions – keep your questions straightforward, but try and probe deeper levels of knowledge. Give the students enough time to answer
Checking understanding – make sure that the pitch and pace of the session is right.
Using visual aids – it is worth taking time to find these, and using flip charts and OHPs wherever possible
Setting homework – vital to promote life-long learning, but check learning objectives and learning strategy are reasonable and ask students to present their work
Summarising and closing a session –don’t give new information, and remind students about next week′s topic