Solved Paper-I On Topic : Solved Paper-I December 2008

Que : 1 . According to Swami Vivekananda, teacher′s success depends on:

1. His renunciation of personal gain and service to others
2. His professional training and creativity
3. His concentration on his work and duties with a spirit of obedience to God
4. His mastery on the subject and capacity in controlling the students
Please Select Ans Options .

Option 1 and 3 both are Correct Answer
An objective type question, by definition, is the question which can have ONE AND ONLY ONE correct answer.
It can be readily be seen that there are more than one correct answer to this question.
A person like me would not mind selecting all of the above option MINUS the phrases like "a spirit of obedience to God" and "capacity in controlling the students.
Such an option is not given.
One may wonder how two phrases like "His (sic) mastery (?) on the subject" and "capacity in controlling the students" are connected.
The questions like this would leave even the Swamiji perplexed regarding his own views on the subject.