Solved Paper-I On Topic : Solved Paper-I Augest (Re-Test) 2016

Que : 1 . In a Ph.D. thesis which one is the correct sequence for showing scheme of Chapterisation ?

1. Survey of related studies, Introduction, Design of the study, Data-Analysis and interpretation, Conclusions and generalisations, suggested further study, References, Appendix
2. Introduction, Design of study, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Generalizations, Conclusions and Survey of related studies and suggestions for further research, References and Appendix
3. Introduction, Survey of related studies, Design of study, Data-presentation; analysis & Interpretation, Formulation of generalization & Conclusions, Suggestions for further research, References & Appendix
4. Survey of related studies, References, Introduction, Design of study, Data analysis and interpretation, Conclusions and generalizations, Suggestions for further research, Appendix
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